When Little Ones are Sick

It’s hard seeing your baby sick you just want them to feel better. You wish you could communicate with them so you know what they are feeling. So we go based off of what we see in our little ones the tell tell signs.

If you see your little one rubbing his ears and start seeing some run off coming out. There is only one thing you can assume it is a possible earache.

Some of the things I like using for my baby is listed as follows for a cold.

• Zarbees baby cough syrup

•Tylenol for babies

•Saline drops I use little remedies to clear up his sinuses

• I use the NoseFrida to suction out the snot so my baby can breathe better.

• I also use Zarbees baby chest rub. I rub this on his chest and the soles of his feet. When I did this I noticed his cough decreased alot.

Now I know this is an old wives tale but if you boil a oregano and slightly sweeten it with sugar. It is really good for making you hack up any mucus in your chest. This works really well for adults too. I recommend if your giving this to infants do about 1 tablespoon or 5ml at a time every 3 hours. For adults about cup every 4hrs. Oregano is not old good for a cough it’s also good for trapped gas in your intestines. Doing this oregano remedy prevented my son from his cough getting worse.

Another amazing thing to have for babies and adults when your sick is a humidifier. The humidifier helped him breathe alot easier and helped sleep through the night with out him fussing. Steam is really good for opening up your sinuses.

These are just some of the things I am using on my sick baby. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and let me know if you have any home remedies you’d like to share.

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